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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hello Again! (Video game edition.)

      Sorry for the delay, but school and UC applications got the best of me. Anywho, I've taken up another game: DDO. Short for Dungeons and Dragons Online, DDO is a free to play (commonly abbreviated f2p) MMO-RPG with premium content (stuff you pay for "as you go" or via monthly subscription fee). There are a couple things I like about DDO. It's character creation is relatively close to PnP (pen and paper) Dungeon and Dragons, which I prefer. Also, you can own all the content of the game without paying a cent. In DDO, after completing a quest, you get a certain amount of "favor" from the patron who awarded you the quest in the first place. Once you've accumulated a certain amount of favor, you're given Turbine points which can be spent in the DDO Store, where you can purchase premium adventure packs. That being said, DDO lacks in the "end game" area (once you reach max level). There are 6 or so raids that lvl 20s do, and of those 6 or so, maybe 3 are done frequently. That being said, DDO is a lot of fun for being free and a good start for anyone who wants to get into MMO-RPGs.